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#TruRadio: The fusion of Sports, Fashion/Celebrity gossip, and Politics as well as a splash of Independant Music.

CPIII- Sports specialist knowledgable in all things sports related. Controversial sports opinions and he's not afraid to let you know. You can expect extended sports coverage as he has media credentials to several of the top DC Sports teams.

Shida P- Model, singer, fashion correspondent and celebrity gossip expert. She's been featured in several magazines as will as mix tapes. Be ready for the latest news from the entertainment and fashion industry.

#BLKGOP- Political analyst and news expert. He comes strapped with direct and off the cuff opinions. He has insider connections to the senior members of government that he can't even mention. His opinions are GOING to offend you.

This team is ready to change the game of radio! GET READY for #TRURADIO

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